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About Ordering


Q1. How do I place an order?

A. We accept orders by phone, fax, email or purchase order.

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Q2. If I call Matco Direct, can I be sure to speak to someone who knows the products?

A. Our staff are fully trained to advise you of the best product for your needs and also advise you honestly on any service requirements you may have.

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Q3. Do you sell to the public?

A. Yes

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Q4. What artwork is required?

A. We accept artwork in a variety of forms e.g. Letterheads, Compliment slips, Disks, Jpeg format, Word Documents, E-mail, Book bags, Garments etc. Anything we can take a clear & concise image from.

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Q5. How do I pay?

A. You decide how you want to pay Invoice, Credit or Debit card, bank transfer whatever method suits you the customer.

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Health and Safety Features


Q6. Can I be sure that the mats won't slip?

A. When you specify the surface the mats are being placed on, we will select a mat with the right non slip backing for example: Carpet surfaces have full gripper backing, Smooth Floor will have a smooth flat back or if the mat may be used on various surfaces a Universal backing (a mix of smooth & gripper) is recommended.

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Q7. Are the mats wheelchair friendly?

A. Our mats are DDA Compliant. However in respect of Coir matting we offer different depths but advise you the customer of DDA guidelines e.g. 30mm Coir mats laid loose directly onto a floor surface is not only a trip hazard but not wheelchair friendly so we only advise use of this thickness if the mat is fitted into a mat well or recess.

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Reputation, Guarantee and Privacy


Q8. Who are Matco Direct?

A. Matco Direct are one of the largest independent Matting & Washroom companies in the UK who over a number of years built a solid reputation as a quality provider to both the Private & Public Sectors gaining a large number of customers by recommendations & referrals ,and also by offering Quality products & service at REALISTIC PRICES!!

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Help Choosing a Mat


Q9. Can I have my own design or logo printed on a mat?

A. Yes.

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Q10. What colours are available?

A. High twist nylon mats have a range of 44 colours & we can also match to pantone references if required. Coir Logo mats have a range of 11 colours to choose from.

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Q11. What sizes are available?

A. Mats are available in various sizes of up to 2 metres wide & 8 metres in length.

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Q12. How do I choose the right mat for the application?

A. Speak to our team of trained personnel who will advise you of the right products & if needs be service options if we honestly think you need it.

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Q13. Are site visits possible?

A. Yes we can visit you and advise you honestly & professionally without the high pressure sell, our idea being if we do a good job for you now hopefully you will decide to use us and recommend us in the future!

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Mat Services


Q14. How often do mats get changed?

A. Mats are changed Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly and again we will advise you of what frequency is best for you.

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Q15. Why do I need a laundered mat, can't I just vacuum it?

A. Yes whatever suits you but we always advise serviced mats in areas of high footfall. Don’t forget as well as looking good in situ the mat is there to act as a bin & collate all the dirt, grit, liquid & moisture etc. being walked into your premises and like a bin needs regular emptying or in the case of a mat; laundering to ensure the effectiveness of your mat on site. Return to Top


Q16. What is the standard length of a contract?

A. No minimum contract term is required & we do not have any penalties or clauses hidden away in the small print unlike our competitors.

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Contact, Service and Delivery


Q17. How do I contact Matco Direct?

A. Telephone: 0161 962 5944 E-mail: Fax: 0161 962 1772

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Q18. How long are the delivery times?

A. This differs depending on which product or service is required EG: Purchase mats or Purchased Washroom Products1-5 days, Service mats or Washroom services again 1-5 days, Logo Mats approx 15 working days & Coir Logo mats are 5 working days. However we aim to work with you the customer & can dramatically reduce standard lead times if needs be to ensure you are not left without.

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